What Is Pak-Heroes?

Pak-Heroes is a comic book publication company in Pakistan. We specialize in creating Pakistani super hero comic series for children and teenagers alike. Unlike other comic book companies we publish our comics in the form of stories. We strive to give our readers the best super hero experience. Pak-Heroes has two subdivisions both working on comics in different time lines of Pakistan The two comic divisions are In-San-E comics and Askari comics.

Who Are The Employees Of Pak-Heroes?

The employees of Pak-Heroes are devoted to the idea of the company. The working positions of the employees are as follows:

Omair Ahmed Khan → Writer/CEO

Ammar Ahmed Khan → Writer/Overall Director

Paras Rashid → Writer/Story Director

Nabeel Rooshan → Writer/Artist

Hamza Iqbal → Artist

Where Did The Idea For Pak-Heroes Originate?

The Idea for Pak-Heroes originated and grew with the growth in crime within Pakistan. Other countries of the world have many heroes for many petty crimes and have been given villains to make things more interesting. Pakistan has a growing war on terrorism which needs to be fought. So, we figured Pakistan needed heroes and so we supplied them. We wanted to show people that anyone can make a difference in this country if they really want to.

Who Are The Heroes Of Pak-Heroes?

There are different types of heroes with us. All of them having their own unique abilities. They are:


The Shadow








Diamond Archer

More Heroes and Stories Coming soon.

Proceed below to read About the Heroes we Have And Leave Comments and thought So that We can make our stories better.


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